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kisses-and-sutures (by dee at clothcompany)

Boston-Strong-four-huts by dee at clothcompany, via Flickr

bone suture

cranial sutures

Fibre art from Fibrations Studio — an homage to Sun Ra. #SarahEdmonds #Banquet

Suturing Introduction - Stitches DIY Medical Skill Videos

takahikohayashi: HAYASHI Takahiko D-27.Apr.1998

Everyday Objects Tell My Story by janelafazio, via Flickr

tokyo quilt festival

Anna Torma Quilt detail by intransit, via Flickr

Love the fibre art from Fibrations Studio. This one is a tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. #SarahEdmonds #Banquet

Hand Stitched Drawing on Teabag


Embroidered Drawing on Teabag no.5 Hand stitching on teabag adhered to Japanese paper

Christina Romeo

Natural dyeing...

Lady Isabell's Travel Quilt

Textile Fragment, Peru, south coast, 15th-16th century. Metropolitan Museum of Art, online collection.

Seascape, fiber art by Su Harris

landscape embroidery . erin dollar

shibori folding and stitching