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Homemade teething Biscuit in 60 seconds!

Who comes up with this stuff? Homemade Teething Biscuit Recipe, although I don't like microwaves.

Infant Brain Stimulation: How playing with your baby makes her smart

EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOW THIS! infant first aid for choking and CPR: an illustrated guide

Homemade Baby Food

{mother's milk popsicles} or formula -for those fussy teething days... genius.

How to potty train in a week. (I will be glad I pinned this someday).

21 Safe Baby Teething Remedies great list

Diy rail teething guard using foam noodle

Homemade Baby Teething Cookies

Applesauce frozen toddler treats. Helps with teething. Umm hello I actually want these and I'm not a baby

Momsicles - Perfect for teething babies. A popsicle made with breastmilk, formula, or water - you just need a pacifier, and baby bottle cap!

Baby Bullet blog! Homemade baby food recipes that are perfect for every age.

my 18 post-baby must haves for new moms! I will totally try #9 With our second baby if I can find it around here.

wish i'd known about these earlier! coconut oil for that durned cradle cap, chamomile for teething, rash and colic fixes...and all natural!

9 Tips from Moms to Calm a Fussy Baby- gonna use this!

homemade baby food - she explains all of her secrets, which is great for beginners who don't really know their way around a kitchen anyway!

Apple Cinnamon Teething Biscuits

Banana and Pear biscuits for teething babies. Good way to get fruits and veg into their diet. :)

Breastfeeding Guide For The Whole First Year. Month-by-month breastfeeding tips

What?! Baby formula 'Keurig'!! 94 New Baby Products That Will Hit Store Shelves in the Coming Year: Homedic's My Baby plans to launch a formula dispenser next Fall. The system will fill two, four, six, and eight ounces at a time and will only take 20 seconds.