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When a girl sticks with liking one guy for a long time through all the crap he gives her, it doesn't mean she doesn't see it. It means she actually loves him. <3

This is good advice! I never thought of it 26 years ago but this is exactly how my life turned out. I thank God every day for my precious gift. My son looks like me but is his father in every other respect. He is going to make a wonderful husband to some lucky girl one day:)-SK

who woulda thought someone would create a quote about my life?

I fall in love with my husband over and over. I love you Chet!

...are the ones worth waiting for. - Click image to find more Quotes Pinterest pins

We all know I have dated bad boys in my life... And now I am more than thankful for the amazing man I have found

It doesn't mention a name but when you read this their name comes to your mind >>> Ben <<<{my best friend and hopefully future boyfriend}