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Get this funny Elvis meets Darth Vader t-shirt for a gift or for yourself! This photo of Elvis and Darth Vader is going to get lots of laughs.

hip-hop stormtrooper - amazing

Oldskool Hip-Hop Stormtrooper Cosplay This is THE greatest Stormtrooper cosplay of all time. Unless you’re a chick with a bangin’ body and killer rack, there’s really no point trying to top this dude.

I thought of this while I was changing my baby sister's diaper #darthvader #meme #diaper #baby #lol #sithlord #starwarsmeme #darthvadermeme #Theforce

The Empire Strikes Back Misquote: "Luke, I am your father." Actual movie quote: “No. I am your father.

gif LOL funny haha follow back follow star wars star Baseball ...

I guess we won’t be telling THAT story in our Marvel Star Wars comics. GREATEST GIF EVER. (Well, other than Thor getting stuck spinning in his cape!

Funny Pictures | quotes  | No one will ever be this cool

You may be epic but you will never be song starts playing when you walk in a room cool. I need John Williams to write me theme music.

Dogs Wearing Costumes: katie-mello - star wars whippet

7 Quirkiest Crafts on the Web

James Hance - Wookie the Chew / Star Wars

Whoever Rescues Me Has To Rescue Chew, Too' - My Favorite Disney Old school movie with Star Wars. I need a Sword and the Stone/Star Wars crossover too. I know what that movie Is, I just can't remember!