Hovering above Hoover Dam.

The Golden Gate Bride during construction in 1935

Construction of Hoover Dam

June 6, 1953: The 363-foot towers of the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge got their first coat of paint in six years. The painters could work only in the daytime, during dry weather with low winds.

Vintage black and white construction workers in nyc images | Iron worker Image

Life - building the empire state building

Classic construction worker. Steelworker

just another day at work

New York City: A view of the Manhattan Bridge, parallel to and a few blocks up from the Brooklyn Bridge, under construction in 1909, taken by Irving Underhill.

New York Times building under construction, 1903

France, 1937. Not sure what's in those pigeonholes but I love the desk-on-an-elevator setup.

1860. To me, this is a very powerful photo. Age remembering youth, and youth looking curiously at age.

The airship, Los Angeles, hovers near an incomplete Empire State Building. New York, 1930

Construction of the Lincoln Memorial, 1914-1922

sequoia tree logging | Falling the Big Ones, or cutting down a coastal redwood by hand

Young skater with safety cushion, Nederlands 1933 (from National Archief)

Construction of the Empire State Building was one of the most remarkable feats of the 20th century. It took only 410 days to build, by 3,400 workers, many of them desperate for work at the height of the Depression. The work force was made up largely of immigrants, along with hundreds of Mohawk Indian iron workers.

I see Tree People

Working at high altitudes, Woolworth Building, New York, 1926

A zip-line from the 1920's.