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Everyone can be Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Everyone can be Thing 1 and Thing Photobooth ideas


ideas for dr seuss' birthday 1 thing pencil toppers with red pencil, googly eyes & blue feather hair (buy lrg feather boa & cut up & glue on each pencil. (get kids to mk & take hm) Back to school pencil topper

More of the amazing Deanna Jump

I like the Cat in the Hat and you draw and picture and write about your favorite Dr. Seuss book on the tummy!

Free!!! Seusstabular! Fun printables for reading!

Today we wore funny socks to celebrate Fox in Socks and the Foot Book for Seuss week. I searched online for a video of The Foot Book and f.

Dr. Seuss Day ideas

Under Thing 1 circle staple paper for kids to write the characters, setting, problem, and solution

This is a management tip brought to you by the one, the only........        Ok, well not really! It's from me, but Dr. Seuss was a big influ...

If students work quietly the stuffed animal can stay with them. Might be time to introduce a new lady bug to the classroom.