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Dogs Caught In Awkward Places...Somersault I bet he thought it was a good idea at the time. Photo credit: hosted by Imgur

From the Humane Society ~ Older dogs are filled with the most gentle love!

Puppies pray too! This picture makes me think of our dog, Sadie who does everything my little sister does and is so 'human' that she has to be tucked into bed before going to sleep at night. Lol.

6 Awesome Dogs. My favorite is the one about the old tired-looking dog! So sweet!!

This dog is too cute! The kid's kinda cute, but probably just because it's next to the dog!!! :-)

this is what is amazing about big dogs. you can lay your head on them, without squeezing the life out of them . you can sleep with them without the fear of squishing them. i wouldn't change lexi for the world, but sometimes i wish i could have big dog fixes when i'm feeling down.

Amen! My mixed breed dogs have been smarter, healthier and more loving than the "purebred" dogs I've had. By the way... how many of your high dollar purebreds are really pure bred? :)

Best friends are always there for you… here to find out more

dog and elephant... Buds! ^,,^