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I want these.  I would seriously wear these.  If you want to try to call my bluff, buy them for me and see!

Satyrwear Begins

horse hoof shoes (but please not real horse hooves).i dreamed of this idea a couple years ago and keep seeing it visualized now. very fun.

So I guess it's not just my cats that are obsessed with boxes.


It's a cat in a box. It's a cat in a box, babe. Step Get a box. Step Open the box. Step Show a kitty the box. And that's the way you do it.

get this cat off my back, pronto!

How could you not smile? He's adorable! Cat on a cat Cuddly Critters: The cutest baby animals adorable What a cutie!

The best picture of a cow photobombing a horse stuck in a fence EVER . << the fact that there is a picture of a horse stuck in a fence is amusing in itself. The cow just makes it funnier.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Black and Red Shoes These red and back Alexander McQueen shoes look more like a torture device than a pair of designer heels. On the bright side, at least there’s more than one heel to help any klutzy fashionistas.

ooooooookay.  i'm done for the day.  these little buggers just 'bout scared me half to death.  bad part is, i'd probably wear them just to freak people out.

Iris Schieferstein Horse Hoof Gun Heels---found multiples of this "horse hoof shoe" idiots. Horses don't have split hooves haha