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  • Allison Key

    Top 50 "Pictures of the day" for 2012. There are a lot of awesome pictures here.

  • Chantelle Phillips

    Top 50 pictures of 2012 - some amazing images!

  • Laura W.

    Some of these pictures will leave you breathless! Oh some of the beautiful things God created!

  • Sara

    The Top 50 ‘Pictures of the Day’ for 2012- some of the most captivating and beautiful images I have ever seen

  • Jasmine Muhammad

    100 AMAZING photos. Make sure to click the link!! Stunning photography.

  • Kinsey Pozoic

    Eye popping images

  • Bailey Fairchild

    50 amazing pics!!!

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I am torn with this one... I have a big problem with people touching monuments and art when they shouldn't. I do have to agree tho this is an amazing photo

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breathtaking - I *LOVE* negative space... and such a great winter portrait