The INFP HSP Personality  #hsp #infp

The INFP HSP Personality Camryn has always been an HSP since she was a baby, both physically and mentally.

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INFP Sometimes I'm like, I am such an INFJ and then I read things like this about INFPs and then I'm not sure anymore.


INFP's are introspective, private, creative, and highly idealistic individuals hat have a constant desire to be on a meaningful path.

INFP | One moment you're trying to help the world become a better place, the next you want to disappear from everyone and everything

ENFP- that's why we're called the extroverted introvert or the introverted extrovert<--This explains SO much of my life oh my goshhhhh!

I just left a place like this and moved to a place where people are so supportive and let me do my own thing ... I'm so happy now!!

Worst INFP workplace- this is soo true. I'm suffocating at my workplace right now. not enough adventure and too many angry people.

What stresses out an INFP

Infp stressors - "time management required of me" and "mundane work" my favourites.

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You know you an INFP when you take the Myers-Briggs test and try to get everyone you know to take it as well.) It's no wonder that Isabel Myers was an INFP!

Introvert Infographics about key topics and trends in introvert's and extrovert's world.

INFJ vs INFP: this makes it very clear; although I relate to a lot of P traits I am clearly NOT an INFP. /// I relate to INFJ, but most definitely fall under INFP

What Happens When An INFP Experiences Stress? A New Infographic!

What Happens When An INFP Experiences Stress? A New Infographic

Estimated Type INFP Find out how the INFP responds to stress by looking at their cognitive functions!

INFP Problems

How bizarre it tis to keep reading new things about the INFP/INFJ personality and realizing how much it describes me?