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"You baked cookies? Dude no offense but that's kind of gay." Guy gives the best answer ever to this.

Baking is manly as hell Every time I see this on my dash I smile. Cookies are fucking goddamn delicious. baking is manly as hell bro is this you THIS IS AMAZING


Funny pictures about Complete obliteration of argument. Oh, and cool pics about Complete obliteration of argument. Also, Complete obliteration of argument.

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I'm not really into the gay/lesbian thing, but this is pretty cute<< what the frick are you saying gay people are the best and this is adorable❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

work on raising a respectable son

Raising sons to be repulsed by rape rather than concerning ourselves with what our daughters wear.

Whose idea was it to trim these, because I'd like to fight them; thank you

Common expressions in full:- Curiosity killed the cat.- Blood is thicker than water.- Jack of all trades, master of none.

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You're in America now. I hate people like this, anyway. We're in the United States. We can speak whatever language we fucking want to speak. America doesn't even have an official language so people can hush

Too many times...although haven't encountered a gay guy hitting on a straight guy before so can't really say

"Homophobia is the fear straight men have that gay men will treat them the way they treat women.