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Great camping idea... buy a new rake. probably THE BEST way to cook hotdogs for this crowd of kids!!

15 People Who Have The Absolute Right Idea

For all of us Junque Gardeners out there..

You know you're So Mexican when the boss doesn't provide chairs for the work crew, so you come up with your own creative ideas for break time! - So Mexican

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redneck cooler (Or great idea if you live in a very small apartment. When the party is over, reset the cycle. I usually just use the sink! Next time I have a party y'all better expect this!

10 Wild Winter Edibles - SHTF Preparedness

10 Wild Winter Edibles



combine mixed birdseed & Knox original unflavored gelatin. Pour into mold of your choice and let chill (pref. overnight) and VOILA!  Awesome homemade bird feeder

How to Make a Homemade Birdseed Wreath {for the birds

To Do: Create homemade birdseed wreaths using jello molds and bird seed. Do the birdies a favor and hang with gorgeous ribbon.hang outside your window and enjoy the birds.great gift idea for bird lovers


maybe this makes me a hillbilly, but i think this is an awesome idea to grill in the winter!


Hurdle Run

When I was thinking of fun Olympic Games we could play with the kids, I immediately knew I wanted to make hurdles of some kind. I remembered a post from t

You might be a redneck if… http://mbinge.co/1pXJfU9

Redneck Ring Toss - Lawn Games You Can Play with a Toilet Seat - Fail ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail