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We haven't been together a lot lately with everyone's busy schedules but once they all die down we will be ♥

my friend Ryan and i can basically tell anything to each other. we have deep conversations all the time :)

AIRPORT! That hug will last 5 minutes and we will be jumping up and down. And I will be making a loud shrill noise... And by that time, you will have forgotten where you've parked the car and thus, we will have to wander around the parking lot for hours talking and looking. Sounds good to me! ♥

Honestly my best friend Jaci is the only one and she always will be we are BEST FRIENDS FOR ETERNITY!

known my best friend for more than twelve years and still counting!

"Chocolate: A girls best friend when she is sad." ♥ I could use some chocolate right now...

It's really odd. I could do that with a girl who was like my frenemey. That sounds so tacky but really. We were bffs but we hated each other.

They have a box set of Friends (every season) at Target for like $140.