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In this recent Music Marketing Manifesto blog post I released the results of a recent music industry statistics survey that I sent out to my 11,000 + subscribers. The results were pretty interesting. Teaser alert.... They ain't good:

On the latest Music marketing Manifesto Podcast I talk with Kat Parsons about Kickstarter, Amanda Palmer's recent 1.2 million dollar success, and what fan funding is like for the average musician.

San Franciso producer, Lucas Johnson is onto something! I’ve enjoyed many of his posts on G+, and we’ve talked about a few. Hold on tight, as we journey through some of Lucas’s thoughts about promoting and creating music on-line. Here, in Part I, we will look at some thoughts on using new media (think Facebook, G+, Twitter). I’ll share one of Mr. Jonhson’s posts and a couple comments added to it. In Part II, we’ll see how Lucas and his team are using Ableton Live and G+.