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    Sir Winston Churchill - President of Great Britain during World war II

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    "British Open 'V' Nerve War; Churchill Spurs Resistance," blared a "special cable" headline in the New York Times on July 20, 1941. "Britain launched a unique nerve war against Germany last midnight," the article read," "with the double purpose of undermining German morale and solidifying anti-Nazi sentiment among the various countries conquered by Hitler. It was a war in which the battle cry was 'V for Victory.' Millions of people in Europe were called on to use the letter V on every occasion possible ... to chalk or paint the letter V on the walls of buildings, in the street, and in public conveyances. The mobilization of the vast army of men, women, and young people in European nations overrun by the Nazis was begun by a radio broadcast by the mystery man known as 'Colonel V. Britton' who read a special message from Prime Minister Winston Churchill."

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