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A No-Cost Back Door To Getting On The Radio

How are musicians and songwriters compensated when their music is played on the radio, sold on digital platforms, webcast or streamed on interactive services?

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Music industry pundits often declare that radio is dead. In fact, its just evolving, as it has for more than 120 years. The team at wireless hi-fi manufacturer Sonos understand that. In fact, they'...

Just did an interview on the Dash Radio http://www.johnoszajca.com/on-the-dash-radio - Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Freedom by JohnnieHollywood

The Cost of Starting Your Website – with Price Comparisons Read more at http://www.midtnmusic.com/the-cost-of-starting-your-website-with-price-comparisons/#mH7pcVgCaoP8DQyI.99

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Exodus by Johnniehollywood

New man by johnniehollywood on SoundCloud

Info graphic on: Total U.S. Music Sales from 1999 - 2008 Concert Tickets Sales from 2006 - 2011 Most Downloaded Songs of All Time (iTunes) Music Sales Breakdown, How the Money Gets Distributed How Much Artists Get Paid for a Live Concert Countries on the U.S. Priority Watchlist for Piracy Cost of Piracy to the U.S. and Global Economies Music Piracy Compared to Movie Piracy

Amanda Palmer Raises Nearly $1,000,000 with KickStarter – Shattering All Previous Records. Get the full story at http://www.musicmarketingmanifesto.com/amanda-palmer-raises-nearly-1000000-with-kickstarter-shattering-all-previous-records/

In this recent Music Marketing Manifesto blog post I released the results of a recent music industry statistics survey that I sent out to my 11,000 + subscribers. The results were pretty interesting. Teaser alert.... They ain't good: http://www.musicmarketingmanifesto.com/music-industry-statistics-find-out-how-you-stack-up-against-the-average-indpendent-musician

For many musicians, music is just something you do to make money. But for others, it's a way for them to pass on their message. It's a way to change the world for the better.

All Your Scales ... in two minutes infographic. #musicbiz #songwriting www.OneMorePress.com

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State of The Music Licensing Industry - 2013

How A Very Unusual Band Consistently Converts 20% Of Their Subscribers Into Album BUYERS - Podcast Episode 14

How To Clone Your Fans With Facebook's Lookalike Audiences