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In this recent Music Marketing Manifesto blog post I released the results of a recent music industry statistics survey that I sent out to my 11,000 + subscribers. The results were pretty interesting. Teaser alert.... They ain't good: http://www.musicmarketingmanifesto.com/music-industry-statistics-find-out-how-you-stack-up-against-the-average-indpendent-musician

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This Is My Last Chance To make It With My Music. - MMM Podcast Episode #9

On the latest Music marketing Manifesto Podcast I talk with Kat Parsons about Kickstarter, Amanda Palmer's recent 1.2 million dollar success, and what fan funding is like for the average musician.

1200 Albums Sold To A List Of Just 3000 Fans - Podcast Episode 11

The Vegan Black Metal Chef & Niche Marketing In Music

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