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  • The Xube

    The music Business is not a Business

  • Ariel Hyatt

    Let’s say you’d like to make $80,000 a year from your music. And let’s say that your primary offer (your album) converts at 5%. That means that for every 1000 email subscribers you will sell 50 copies of your album. If your profit margin is $10 per album then you will make $500 per 1000 subscribers. So far your average subscriber value will be $0.50....

  • John Oszajca

    12 Days of Monetization: What Will it Really Take to Make Money from Music? – John Oszajca [DAY 8] | CyberPR Music

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By artist John Taglieri - diversify. There are plenty of ways to make money from music these days. I also make money on CD sales, T-Shirt sales, studio session work both in my studio and others, CD duplication work (I bought a CD/DVD duplicator/printer and do short run work for others), picking up gigs as a sideman for other bands/performers. So there are a lot of ways to make money, which is what the end game is.

One of the things that many musicians aren’t aware of is how to make money from their YouTube videos. This is becoming such a big business that most record labels now spend a great deal of time creating and monetizing video content of their artists, as they’ve found it to be a significant source of revenue. But what exactly does that mean to you as an artist or band?

Making Money With Your Music: 12 Days of Monetization – A Summary of the 13 Part Blog Posts Series | CyberPR Music

So, how do you sell your music? So, I’m not going to waste your time by answering that question the way the music industry USED to work, right? Because that way is dead and gone and no longer applies... The short answer is – you must make a genuine and real connection with your fans. Then, and only then, you must ask for the sale. By Debra Russell, Speaker, Certified Master Results Business Coach, and Certified NLP and Hypnosis Master Practitioner is the founder of Artists EDGE.

My name’s Michael. I’m a Songwriter and an Entrepreneur, and I want to show you 4 out of the box avenues I use to add value and monetize my music.

Advice from Jay Frank // For all of Jay's advice, visit:

shutterstock 73495762 300x300 8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Next Digital Release

Here's What Most Musicians Don't Understand About Selling Music - Dave kusek

Julie Flanders tips to success // To read the full article, visit:

Julie Flanders tips to success // To read the full article, visit:

Advice from Jay Frank // For all of Jay's advice, visit: