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Explore Marketing Manifesto, Music Marketing, and more! Loren Weisman is a music business consultant,speaker & the author of“The Artist's Guide to Success in the Music Business” book.Loren currently writes the official “Music Business For Dummies”I interviewed Loren for the WeSpin Recipes podcast.We talked about various ways to engage your fans,why connections&likes don’t equal conversions or sales,reasons you may not be getting any funding and why you should not post things like“Thanks for 1,000 Likes on…

We explain dither in plain English. On first glance, dither can seem complex and confusing but once you understand it, dither will forever be your friend, promise. The secret is knowing what it is and when to use it. dith•er (ˈdɪð ər) n. 1. a trembling; vibration. You know when you tap an analogue meter with …


Independent Musicians Find Unexpected Rewards in Streaming

Independent Musicians Find Unexpected Rewards in Streaming - The New York Times

Amanda Palmer Raises Nearly $1,000,000 with KickStarter – Shattering All Previous Records. Get the full story at

In this recent Music Marketing Manifesto blog post I released the results of a recent music industry statistics survey that I sent out to my 11,000 + subscribers. The results were pretty interesting. Teaser alert.... They ain't good:

from Variety

Katy Perry’s ‘Prism’ a Good Example of How Albums Don’t Work Anymore

Bob Lefsetz on how the major label system no longer works.

12 Days of Monetization: What Will it Really Take to Make Money from Music? – John Oszajca [DAY 8] | CyberPR Music