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So many people think if it’s love, then everything should flow smoothly – no hiccups. But even the best of relationships require putting in effort – making love a daily conscious habit. John Gottman wrote about the 5 to 1 ratio of nice to nasty. Meaning? For every 1 challenging time (conflict) you need to have 5 loving gestures. You need to put in the effort of what he calls “repair.” Both people have to keep putting something into the relationship – for it to stay thriving.

✿⊱╮This is absolutely beautiful ~ I Promise To Love You ~ Amanda Katherine Ricketson ✿⊱╮

If you've found the perfect valentines day card for your perfect valentine, but can't find the right words to express exactly how you feel about him or her, this collection of 25 love quotes is just what you need. I love all of these, but I especially love Marilyn Monroe's quote (the last one)!


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To find that kind of love would be amazing . . .. one can dream i guess. . . .31 lovely quotes about love | Laugh.Love.Live


When someone else’s happiness is your happiness that is love! This is so true because I would do anything to see my beautiful girlfriend happy. I love knowing that she has a smile on her face.

15 Quotes about Relationships | http://www.meetthebestyou.com/15-quotes-about-relationships/ not a huge love fan, but this actually melts my heart

Someone who really loves you sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle, but still wants you. Its called being cared and loved for because of the lack of care and love given in the past.. We all can become better friends as well as lovers, only if we want that change for the better in our relationship and lovelife :-) :-)

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Rose Franken. LOVE this, might be my favorite quote of the moment. This is probably the biggest piece of marriage advice I could give anybody. BE SILLY ... in your daily life, as lovers, even as parents.


I feel very very loved by my Cutie pie :) he always has something amazing and great to say about me. He is the cutest