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  • Dawn Schwartz

    Painting Tip: Glad Pressn Seal plastic wrap (available at discount stores) goes on fast and stays right where you put it. Paint can seep under the edges, though, so its no substitute for masking tape in spots where you need a sharp edge.

  • Dilia Simmons

    Press and seal wrap instead of taping everything. Brilliant! There are lots more great painting tips on this site as well... Very good Ideas !! A must see

  • Tricia Petchonka

    Press'n Seal plastic wrap instead of painters tape. (and other mess-free painting tips)

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Does your home need a little DIY pick-me-up? Paint like a PRO & do it by using common household items like plastic wrap, wire hangers and a hair dryer! It will save you time AND money!

Yep, this could have helped me when we were painting this past summer! This site has other great painting advice as well!

To paint a tight spot, remove the pad from a paint edging tool, hot-glue the pad to a stir stick, and you've got a painting tool that will fit behind toilet tanks and radiators.

Mess-Free Painting Tips Follow these tips to make your painting project easier and cut your clean up time in half.

Mess-Free Painting Tips. Cleaning up after a painting project seems to take forever. Check out these tips to minimize the mess and cut your clean up time in half!

Press down painters tape with a putty knife to protect mouldings, and let the tape stick out perpendicular to the trim to catch paint drips.

Finishing spindles is a pain because you have to finish three sides, let them dry and then turn them over and do the unfinished side. But not if you drive long drywall screws into the spindle ends and then rest the screws on two boards or sawhorses. An added bonus is that you can keep your fingers out of the wet finish by holding onto the screws as you paint and turn.

Insert drywall screws in legs for clearance Ever paint a chair and have it stick to your newspaper or drop cloth? Paint hassle-free by driving drywall screws about 1/2 in. into the bottom of the chair legs. The extra elevation makes it easier to paint and even lets you coat the bottom of the legs. This also works great with brush-on paint.

Soften adhesive with heat If masking tape tears as you remove it or pulls off flakes of finish, heat it with a hair dryer. Heat softens the...

10 Paint Secrets: what you never knew about paint. Great tips for the next project!