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  • Nicole

    Cairo, Egypt

  • Sim Joy

    Sphynx, Pyramids, Egypt

  • K

    Khafre Pyramid, Giza, Egypt

  • Dolores Proulx

    Eygpt This is one of my dream places to go. I did a project in grade 7 about the pyramids and ever since then I have been fascinated with Eygpt. I almost made it there on my past cruise to Mediterranean but had to switch itineraries due to the political unrest. Hopefully it will be safer to go next time...

  • Carrie Kraft

    The one place I want to visit before I die

  • Reilly Kai

    Eygpt --- on my bucket list! :)

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the world is such a beautiful place! would be so great to be this close to history

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EGYPT: The dimunitive figure of a graceful Queen Nefertari standing between the legs of the colossal granite statue of Ramesses II, in the first courtyard of the Temple at Karnak.