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    Vintage Children's Book Illustrations All the best vintage illustrations of yesteryear preserved at

  • Miss. Goose

    1969-70. Susumu Eguchi Illustration. Poster for a children's science exhibition in the Tobu department store. Vintage Design and Illustration in Japan - 50 Watts

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I like the asymmetrical balance this ad has and its bright 80's color scheme. Japan's advertisements always seem amusing.


Magazine girl.

cute asian cover

omg, Im overwhelmed with kawaii.

Ok, this is the greatest thing ever.

Vintage Postcard, Japan, early 1960s

Retro Japan

Magazine cover

Japanese MM

Creamy Mami✿

this is beautiful, I wish I knew who the artist was

uh YES.

If Tokusatsu was religion, Ultraman would be Jesus


1967 Toei Manga Festival ♥

Kurumani class monster traffic accident (whatever that means)

Alien alien brain parasite from Spectre Man

whole lotta' Gameras

Darunia from Akumaizer 3


Pearl Chan!

Oh Miss America! You're dazzling!