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    stop drinking their milk - look for "no hormones" and "no antibiotics" and "usda organic" on the carton to avoid puss-filled milk from these cows

    These are babies, they are not garbage. They are thrown out like trash so humans can drink their mother's milk. People keep telling me that the veal industry isn't a huge industry and people don't eat it that much, but that's not the issue... veal is a bi-product of dairy so as long ass the dairy keeps coming the baby's are going to keep coming and so is the killing.

    The dairy industry is not about compassion, it's about profits...and you buy into it by consuming their products.

    Cows are exploited just as much for their milk. If you are drinking cow's milk, a calf isn't.

    Contrary to the dairy industry's propaganda, we can live on a dairy-free diet and still get enough calcium from a plant-based diet. Don't be fed by these lies. Choose compassion! Choose vegan!

    Beaten cow. Bloody head. Displaced, swollen-shut eye. Suffering on a factory farm. Here's your milk...or maybe your dinner. OK with you?

    Ignorance Isn't Bliss. And that goes for any product that comes from an animal.


    I know this is very graphic. What you see is severe mastitis and udder necrosis; results from chronic infections. This is just one of many inhumane aspects of the dairy industry.

    Why "I'd be vegan but I just love cheese too much" isn't an acceptable answer.

    Because she would break her neck to protect her baby, and we would kill them both anyway ~`*`~ "A downed cow with a broken neck is left to suffer at a Texas stockyard. Her neck was broken when she was forcibly separated from her calf in the marketing process." ~Farm Sanctuary

    4 DAIRY CALVES ~ One California dairy cow beat out some major odds when she gave birth. The cow produced four healthy, female calves in one litter. The chance of that occurring are one in 179 million.

    Dairy Farms

    98% of animals abused & killed on this planet are abused & killed by the meat, dairy & egg industry. ~ Gary Yourofsky

    SO CRUEL. The only solution is to stop consuming dairy products. Please show compassion and go vegan.

    FACT: Mother cows on dairy farms have been known to frantically call for their babies after calves have been taken away & sold to veal or beef farms.

    I think its funny people are shocked by this. This is essentially what you are doing when you drink cow's milk. Make the connection and ditch animal products.

    And new science suggests we don't need dairy.

    Saving this one because it is such a sweet picture. Many baby cows never get the chance to be with their mother because the milk is not for them is for humans.