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Dairy Cows

Cows are exploited just as much for their milk. If you are drinking cow's milk, a calf isn't.

Ignorance Isn't Bliss


Beaten cow. Bloody head. Displaced, swollen-shut eye. Suffering on a factory farm. Here's your milk...or maybe your dinner. OK with you?

These are babies, they are not garbage. They are thrown out like trash so humans can drink their mother's milk. People keep telling me that the veal industry isn't a huge industry and people don't eat it that much, but that's not the issue... veal is a bi-product of dairy so as long ass the dairy keeps coming the baby's are going to keep coming and so is the killing.

This is more common than you dare to believe!Who in their right mind would want to drink a glass of this??? What you see is severe mastitis and udder necrosis; results from chronic infections. This is just one of many inhumane aspects of the dairy industry.

Cows produce milk for one reason: to nourish their young. Go vegan.

Just when you think the dairy industry can't get any SICKER you learn udder flaming is a technique used to remove hair. Because you wouldn't want any cow hair in your milk to remind you what you're REALLY drinking.

Stop stealing milk from baby calves.

This. This right here is one of the reasons I went Vegan. How is this ok???? My heart hurts so bad for ALL animals. =[ I'm so sorry for what humans have done.

Another reason that I'm vegan, which is quite simple: ONE THIRD OF ALL DAIRY COWS HAVE MASTITIS. That means poor mama cows HURT from having their breastmilk pumped from them to feed non-vegans .. and consequently, the milk contains PUS because of the bacterial infection

Please go vegan. The dairy industry is just as cruel as the meat industry....

This is the result of your glass of milk or slice of cheese.

No dairy


and yet they say veganism is extreme. okaaay...

Lactose intolerant