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Every child should grow up with a doggie

Henry, a nine week-old blue roan english cocker spaniel puppy.

Dog thinks it needs to wait in line for a treat. So funny but adorable at the same time lol


That face...

Black Zip Detail Skinny Jeans by Damsel In Dior

Apparently my dog didn't appreciate his new hat

This makes me want to cry... Meet Oogy, Oogy was about ten weeks old and weighed 20 pounds he was tied to a stake and used as bait for dog fight training. The left side of his face including most of his ear was torn off. He was bitten so hard a piece of his lower jaw was crushed. Afterward, he was thrown into a cage and left to bleed to death. If you have time to reblog pointless hipster photos, you’ll have time to reblog this, respect for Oogy ~~God bless this sweet little boy...

The white dog, Lily, had to have her eyes taken out when she was 2 years old due to an illness. The other dog, Maddison, has guided her around for the past 5 years, never leaving her side.

Keep Calm and Hug Your Dog Poster

i literally just bawled my eyes out. dogs have so much emotion that it brings me to tears..

Best friend!


Chocolate Labrador retriever pup


Seriously, things like this make me cry. Check out the link and read ALL the wonderful stories..I love animals so much

Not much to see here, just a baby sloth hugging his favorite stuffed animal.

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t ever know we had. quote by Thom Jones

Random Pictures Of The Day - 53 Pics

Peaches comforts those who need most.

Got a new puppy a few days more nose to the art section. =)

own donkeys ♥