Spicy Sriracha Hummus #recipe #vegan #vegetarian

Vegan Spicy Fava Bean Falafel from the blog Olives For Dinner

An easy weeknight skillet dinner with chicken, bacon, broccoli and rice with spicy Ro-Tel tomatoes covered in a creamy cheese sauce. Hearty and delicious!

Creamy, Yummy Hummus

Buffalo sriracha hummus

It’s the order in which you add ingredients to your food processor. Seriously, it’s that easy. Tahini and lemon juice go in first. Then, before you add anything else, turn on the food processor and let it run for a minutes or so.

Spicy Sriracha Hummus #recipe

. OMG I"m addicted to Hummus. With Veggie chips, or brown rice and bean tortilla chips and it's a meal! #vegetarian #recipe #veggie #recipes #healthy #organicweightloss

A simple tapa salad of manzanilla olives, oranges, onions, and beets, tossed about with some extra virgin olive oil and coarse sea salt. The ease of assembly was nice, though it tasted better on day two after the ingredients had some time together in the refrigerator. Olives available on donostiafoods.com. #healthyfood

Spicy Hummus: a healthy, spicy appetizer for your next tailgate or party // A Cedar Spoon

Garlic and Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus | MyRecipes.com "I came up with this hummus recipe exploring ways to get more fiber in my diet. The tomatoes give it a warm, coral-like color." -Cooking Light Reader

hummus-crusted chicken.

vegan chilaquiles

Yum! Kimchi! #vegan

Asian Quinoa slaw salad

Sun-dried tomato cilantro hummus

Lunch on the go: #hummus edamame wraps

Love Hummus ? Check these Recipes #hummus #recipe #healthyfood