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Math tub ideas.  Based on Kathy Richardson.

Students have a hundreds chart and number tiles. They draw a tile and shade that number on their chart. First person to cover chart, or make a row, etc wins. (could play chart BINGO on day)

math about me - all their numbers - age, weight, phone number, house number . . .

Math about me-- I did this for Back to School Night and it looked awesome in the hall! Use the pre made people from Lakesnore to make it a simple and easy beginning of the year project. Going to try this out.

Favoritist Disney movie of all time. I so wanted to be Belle when i was a little girl because she read and used her brain like me :)

Pretzel sticks for tens and marshmallows for ones. Could use a Graham cracker for hundreds. Could use Graham cracker for hundreds. What for thousands? Cute edible activity to teach place value.

Kids dance to “Rock Around the Clock” when the music stops they stop at the nearest desk and write that time.

Rock around the clock telling time game. Clocks are blank and students dance/rock around the clocks/classroom until the music stops. They sit down and the teacher calls out a time they have to show on their clock and write the digital time (laminate the m

Mark and Sally Learn To Tally! - Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

Mark and Sally Learn To Tally

Tally O'Malley (MathStart by Stuart J. Murphy - TALLYING - Tally marks are a useful tool for children to keep track as they count, and for data collection. Grouping tally marks also reinforces counting by fives.

alligator greater than and less than

The Lesson Plan Diva: Freebies, ideas and Science Activities! free greater than/Less than -Use goldfish to teach alligator greater!

These are great guided math center games that you can do in small group or several groupings - using decks of cards. ...

15 Math Center Games - Using a Deck of Cards

These are great guided math center games that you can do in small group or several groupings - using decks of cards.We have done some of these but this post had some ideas I never thought of

Corkboard Connections: Super Math Centers Link Up - Over 20 blogs linked up to this post about management tips and ideas for math centers. Loads of free resources!

Super Math Centers Link Up

Corkboard Connections: Super Math Centers Link Up; Has links to math center ideas.

Amazing step-by-step guided for setting-up guided math, grouping students, differentiating centers, and SO much more. Great freebies, too!

Guided Math in 1st Grade

High Speed Vedic Mathematics is a super fast way of calculation whereby you can do supposedly complex calculations like 998 x 997 in less than five seconds flat