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Asclepias verticillata (Horsetail milkweed or whorled milkweed) - Perennial - Zones 4-8, Height 1-3 ft. A widely adaptable and tough native that is a deer-resistant food for larval butterflies. The fine-textured foliage provides a dark green backdrop for the clusters of white flowers that appear in June and July.

Asclepias syriaca (Common milkweed) - Perennial - Zones 4-9, Height 2-4 ft. This native classic is best known as a food of larval monarch butterflies (along with its cousins A. incarnata and A. tuberosa). Robust and stoloniferous with deep pink clusters of fragrant flowers in June and July.

Asclepias incarnata (Swamp milkweed) - Perennial - Zones 3-9, Height 3-4 ft. One of the most beautiful of native perennials with clusters of upturned pink flowers in June and July. Much underused in average garden conditions! Attracts butterflies of all kinds.

Asclepias incarnata 'Ice Ballet' (Swamp milkweed) - Perennial - Zones 3-9, Height 3-4 ft. A marvelous long-blooming, bright white selection of swamp milkweed. Clear white flowers and dark green foliage make the colors of the hundreds of visiting butterflies glisten in the sunlight.

Chelone glabra (Turtlehead) - Perennial - Zones 4-8, Height 2-4 ft. Spikes of elegant white flowers top shiny green foliage in late summer and early fall. Favorite breeding site for the Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly!

Agastache 'Blue Fortune' (Anise hyssop) - Perennial - Zones 6-9, Height 2-3 ft. Selected for its profusion of long lasting, deep violet-blue flower spikes that appear from July to September above fragrant foliage. Prefers average to dry locations and is a butterfly magnet!

Thalictrum rochebrunianum (Giant meadow-rue or lavender mist) - Perennial - Zones 4-8, Height 4-6 ft. This big, bodacious, clump-forming plant has lots of appeal for gardeners and pollinators alike. Deep wine-purple stems are topped with broad umbels, of bright, lavender clusters accented by yellow stamens in July and August.

Helianthus 'Lemon Queen' (Sunflower) - Perennial - Zones 4-9, Height 4-6 ft. A free-flowering plant to brighten up the mid and late summer garden. Covered in intense light yellow single 2-3" flowers from July to September. An irresistible butterfly plant!

Amsonia hubrichtii (Threadleaf bluestar). A graceful and long-lived native plant with very fine foliage, clusters of steel blue flowers in May and June on an upright, bushy plant. Excellent golden fall color. Thrives in full sun or part shade. No insect or pest problems. Found in Arkansas in 1942 by Leslie Hubricht.

Aster divaricatus 'Eastern Star' (White wood aster) - Perennial - Zones 3-8, Height 18-24 in. Also known as Eurybia divaricata 'Eastern Star'. Zillions of tiny white flowers with yellow and brown centers blanket this low-growing aster. It is shorter than the straight species and has deep dark shining mahogany stems. A fantastic groundcover for full to part shade!