• Jeanna Vickery

    Bleach Pen T shirt stencils from contact paper

  • Heidi Bibeau-Tavares

    Bleach Shirt Designs with a contact paper stencil! Such a brilliant idea!

  • Judi Weller

    Bleach Pen Shirts - great idea to contact paper!

  • Ani Hafferty Butler

    bleach pen tee shirts using contact paper for more of a stencil pattern

  • Elica Ebrahimifar

    I 'LOVE' this idea! Materials:Tshirt Contact Paper BleachPen X-Acto Knife Directions:Draw ur fav design on contact paper, freehand, tracing, or stencils. use an x-acto knife to cut out the design. remove backing of contact paper w the design on tshirt down. Now bleachpen shake before use.Squeeze liberally.(Note:Using lg quan increases chance of affecting adjacent colors.)Rub design area.Leave for 1min off BleachPenGel w paper towel.Wash Tshirt

  • Tanechka Tanusha

    Bleach Shirts, cool idea for cheap and easy custom shirts!!

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Another bleach pen/t-shirt idea

parking lot game -- call out a word (or letter) & they "park" in that place. PERFECT FOR SIGHT WORDS!

I was JUST thinking how fun it would be to have these for my daughter. Making some. Done.

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Need to do this soon

cute for scrapbook or photobook

hand print

perfect bubbles

family portrait- fantastic idea

glow in the dark slime

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