Phases of the moon cup. I would bite my oreos into matching phases for a perfect moon-milk would probably have some sort of ancient meaning

"Moon Glass" for your Kitchen by Tale -

"Moon Glass" for your Kitchen by Tale -

"Moon Glass" for your Kitchen by Tale -

pendant lamp that looks like a full moon

Maria Clara Eimmart (1676-1707). Phase of the Moon, Phases of Venus, Aspect of Jupiter, Aspect of Saturn, late 17th century

eno studio


moon night light

Iceberg salt + pepper shakers

The Bulan (“moon” in Indonesian) was designed by San Francisco artist Elle Luna. It accurately represents 2014’s moon phases and is made in Bali by friends and master Batik artisans employing centuries-old hand painting and hand dyeing techniques. Produced in a limited Edition of 100.


Utsuwa vase by Peter Ivy, 2005. Corning Museum of Glass

April and May| HAY! Buisjes en Beugels golden glasses

Door detail.

Collapsible Scraper // Ingenious 3-in-1 tool! A measuring cup, a scoop, and a scraper. The wedge design makes it great for measuring and transferring chopped ingredients #product_design

Chair #felt

Floating Ladle. The ball in the handle makes the ladle buoyant in water. A brilliant solution to a common problem.

Aluminum and Wood

gravita block by studio lievito

Barcode House | David Jameson Architect #Modern House #building plans #plan modern #floor plan #ultra modern #contemporary house #modern home #Architecture & Design