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  • Leslie Browngold

    interactive notebook ideas

  • Valerie Acosta

    I like how she has them do their title pages for each unit. :) She also has them glue the main learning objectives (or we could do essential questions) on the left hand side then their colorful title page on the right. So much info on this blog... must follow. LOVE THE INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS

  • Joy White

    resources for interactive notebooking ...try to adapt for middle school

  • Amanda Harp - Fenley

    I like how she has them do their title pages for each unit. :) just in case I ever have to teach science

  • Susan Graham

    vocabulary notebook idea!

  • Bonnie Schobert

    GREAT interactive Science notebook ideas

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If one of my high school teachers ever thought to scan their notes and make them available to us kids, I probably would have aced their classes. But on the down-side, I WOULDN'T OWN EVERY SINGLE HELLO KITTY NOTEBOOK SOLD AT TARGET.

great site for science notebooks, I like the first page of the notebook where they write the topics they'll be learning

Pinning this just for the image. Going to check out the science notebooking site next.

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I was lesson planning with the teacher in the second grade class I talked about in the last post (she was introducing habitats to her students). She was looking for some ideas so I taught her a song I learned from a training and we worked out a foldable her students could do. I liked that she had them write full sentences in the top flap of the foldable and they had to pick and justify one of the habitat requirements.

"I've seen this done with celery, but this is pretty cool...Looks good for showing water moving through plants"

I have my kids make these but I love how this teacher had them glue/tape them into a notebook. I also like how they had an illustration on the front...

Science Notebooking A site dedicated to educators interested in adding notebooking to their science curriculum at the elementary school level. --REALLY a great site, tons of ideas

Notebook Foldables that: provide graphics to aid comprehension and memory provide duplicable front tabs that generate student responses on the back of tabs, underneath tabs, and on the notebook pages

Information about Interactive Notebooks for Students - Great way to assess how students are understanding the information they are learning in class.