Koson, “Willow and the Moon,” from the book “Japanese Ghost Paintings: The Sanyutei Encho Collection at Zensho-an” (Perikansha Publishing, 1995)

Terasaki Kogyo, "Cherry Blossoms & Moon"; Japanese, c.1890-1910 118.8 x 46.2cm. unmounted; ink and light colour on silk. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Japanese artist

There's something about this that reminds me of Lot's wife and the pillar of salt story... full moon

lynn pollard

Ghost in front of the mosquito net Eiho Hirezaki (1881-1968)

Flowering Plum and Moon by Ohara Koson

Crow on a Snowy Branch, Ohara Koson

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stefan peters - acrylic on circular canvas <3


Winter Landscape. Japanese hanging scroll painting.

小原古邨 Ohara Koson

Sleeping Ducks - Ohara Koson (1877-1945) (moon) Japan.

oriental moon

Koson Ohara, 1910 http://www.yeeeeee.com/2009/01/26/the-beautiful-oriental-art-of-koson-ohara-134-pics/

Koson Ohara - 1877-1945, Japan

dock to the moon,

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Chinese brush painting