prefixes and suffixes

suffix chart- for Hollyword Wall- make for prefix and Greek/Latin roots as well- leave up and add to as year continues :)

Prefixes and Suffixes Anchor Chart

Prefix-Root/Base-Suffix classroom chart Common fourth grade affixes

Good post from Crafting Connections to go with this chart - check it out to catch all the nuances of this work!

Parts of Speech Anchor Chart. This is a song I teach my students. (Notre Dame Fight Song)

Anchor chart for plural nouns

Prefixes, Suffixes, & Root Words

Prefix anchor chart

"Said" is Dead - You might notice that your readers may start to point out other types of punctuation now that you've made them aware of it. Great! Work on quotation marks next, and ask students to change their voice to sound like the characters. Linking this lesson back to tracking the moods in the story may be helpful. Just switch out moods with character traits and evidence. You may also want to draw attention to certain words in the text that describe the way in which the characters spea...

Anchor charts

Sentences Anchor Chart

Onomonopoeia Anchor Chart

Antonyms anchor chart

Instead of "said" anchor chart- printables

love anchor charts

Real reading vs fake


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Great anchor chart!