How to make a DIY aviary or bird cage from an old TV cabinet / armoire / piece of furniture - my Hubpages article

How To Make An Armoire Birdhouse...I want to make this for my bird!

indoor aviary designs | Indoor Aviary....Aviary my butt, indoor terrarium!!!

Armoire to aviary. Should we ever get a bird, I think this is beautiful

This is an Aviary for my Gouldian Finches that we made out of a china cabinet.

look for nightstand at thrift stores! :)

how to build bird cage

dog door cabinet

DIY bird cage

bird cage

Converted armoire into an aviary for parakeets and finches.

Old armoire repurposed as a bird cage

How to transform an old TV cabinet or other piece of furniture into a beautiful bird cage or aviary.

Turning an old Curio Cabinet into a custom reptile enclosure to look more appealing to the home and not just some rectangular cage.

diy bird cage

DIY Wood Tilt Out Trash Can Cabinet |

DIY aviary

I have so many of these where i live in the Appalachians. They are fun to watch.

Oh, Martha. Of course you have the canary cage of my dreams.