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    • Crystal Romero

      A nice china cabinet could make a nice bird cage. I dont like the coloring for this one, but its a good idea

    • Katy Chmiel

      Making a DIY aviary or birdcage from an old TV cabinet / armoire / piece of furniture - article from my blog sincerelymicah for LUNA?!

    • Jessica Rita

      How to make a DIY aviary or Iguana cage from an old TV cabinet / armoire / piece of furniture - my Hubpages article

    • Mary Hedengren

      How to make a DIY bird cage from an old TV cabinet / armoire / piece of furniture -genius

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    Great indoor unit cabinet turned bird aviary! I'd like 2 of these, one for quails small bourkes, scarlett chesteds, double bar finches etc... and one for my green cheeks

    The bird aviary we made out of a big screen TV cabinet

    Armoire to aviary. Should we ever get a bird, I think this is beautiful

    What a great idea. This old armoire has been repurposed as a bird cage... WOW spadeandbroom.com

    Armoire Aviary! Armoire Aviary! I had a friend who tried to do something like this. It would have worked, but she kept cleaning it all the time!

    if i got ferrets i'd totally do this type of convertion, on one of those ginormous old ornate wardrobes that sell for tuppence now at the auctions, to make a fun and comfortable multi level den for the furry wee critters.

    Finches! If I ever get birds, I'm totally doing this!!

    This is a great idea! Use an old armoire and turn it into a DIY aviary!! I had one, just like this , my farther made me with english budgies in it.

    Ok scratch my plan to have a desk and a tv stand separate in the bedroom...time to bust out the red hutch in storage and modify it to be a desk and I'll throw my tv on top of it. put a higher board in it at desk height and then a pull out one directly under it for more work space. shelves above it for books and whatever else. @Sally Sobert

    A roomy and beautiful aviary made oit of an upcycled armoire. Constructed for finches but would work well for other birds like canaries, doves, etc. If I were going to adapt this, I would make the cage doors larger so the aviary is easier to clean.

    No pantry space? Turn an old tv armoire into a pantry cupboard. Awesome!