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Temminck's Tragopan

Spotted Wood Owl by Aditya Rangga

Rose Ringed Parakeet by Kartik Bhat on 500px

Yellow-Crowned Gonolek

Two Banded Courser. Northern Tanzania and southern Kenya

A wood duck baby walking on Lily Pads

Lesser Kestrel by Carlos González Revelles #birds #wildlife #nature

Black-lored Tit

Male Northern Flicker Woodpecker

Peregrine Falcon

Striated Pardalote (Pardalotus striatus) is the least colourful & most common of the four pardalote species. Striated Pardalotes occupy a vast range of habitat types from tall mountain rainforest to arid scrubland, & are found in all parts of Australia except some of the Western Australian deserts.

Crimson-rumped waxbill is a species of estrildid finch found in northeastern Africa

"Painted Bunting"

Spinix Pigeon

Tibetan Blood Pheasant (Ithaginis cruentus tibetanus) - Adult male;Thrumshingla National Park, Bhutan

Limpkin on a Branch at Everglades National Park, Florida

Sandhill Cranes

Harlequin Duck

Codibugnolo - One of the world's cutest birds!


Great Blue Herons

The Ornate Hawk-Eagle (Spizaetus ornatus) is a bird of prey from the tropical Americas. Like all eagles, it is in the family Accipitridae. This species is notable for its vivid colors, which differ markedly between adult and immature birds.