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Ride in style and efficiency with this 7-speed Tokyo bike, available in 12 cool colors. Big plus: the 26-inch wheels are a snap to store:

If you haven't heard of the smart watch yet, prepare to have your mind blown. This watch allows you to check your texts and phone calls while in meeting-mode, track your steps, download apps, and--oh yeah--check the time.

Find luxury and varsity colors in one scarf; this cashmere garment is the perfect accessory for those chilly fall days:

This clear tote bag will save you through any airport or stadium security system, plus it comes with a removable liner to keep contents safe:

Work at any angle (at any hour) with this bending desk lamp:

This waterproof nylon backpack will keep your English essay perfectly dry on those drizzly days:

In a mere 48 hours, plump, briny Hood Canal oysters topped with cocktail sauce and served in chic little shot glasses can be yours. Just thaw and shoot!

There are hot dogs...and then there are hot dogs made of dry-aged beef and organic spices. We double-dog dare you to eat just one of these delicious uncured, nitrate-free pups from Prather Ranch Meat Co.

How to make an apple pie that tastes like it came from Kerber's Farm in Huntington, New York? This kit includes all-natural pie filling, crust mix, a pie pan, a kitchen towel and an instruction book all packed in an attractive crate made of sustainable wood.

Anyone can send roses. Texas restaurant the Salt Lick will send a rack of succulent smoked ribs and tasty barbecue sauce. The recipient's job? Heat, baste, devour.

The O List taste testers were rendered speechless (mouths full) by this moist cream—cheese pound cake from Sugaree's Bakery. It's made using a recipe from Robbie Ray, a Mississippi woman who clearly knows her way around a cake pan.

The easiest way to make like Brad and Angelina: Indulge in this crisp, lightly fruity rose—produced at Chateau Miraval, the power couple's estate in Provence. They sent a case to Oprah, who loves serving it at home.

Move over, Cronut: This harmonious convergence of cannoli and cake—a praline cone stuffed with a Brooklyn bakery's signature cheesecake—is as decadent as it is diabolical.

Produced by a family in Maui, these all-natural hot sauces made from locally sourced chilies represent increasing levels of heat, from mild jalapeno to ghost pepper—laced hamajang, which is Hawaiian slang for "messed up."

Created by star chef Thomas Keller of the French Laundry; they're almost too wondrous to eat.

When is a salami not a salami? When it's made of delicious dried figs. Serve it as a chewy substitute for jam or chutney, or just use it to lure vegetarians over for a glass of wine.

Say the word, and four fresh 1 1/4-pound Maine lobsters will be over-nighted from oceanfront docks to your dinner table, along with an enameled steel pot, bibs, crackers and cooking instructions.

It may be caffeine—free, but this tea packs a flavor punch thanks to cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Bonus: For every purchase, $1 will go to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation.

Make these cookie marshmallow sandwiches (in seven cool flavors like raspberry hibiscus) even better by warming till oozy.

Oprah fell truly, madly, deeply in love with this ice cream from Brooklyn. Send someone 6 pints in the mail. #giftideas

With get-togethers and celebrations quickly approaching, we’ve gathered this short list of thoughtful gifts that fit every budget.

Gorgeous ways to bring a little sparkle to someone you love. This month, we're all about crystal—the customary gift for a 15th anniversary. Starting April 20, visit to enter for a chance to win everything on the list!

No need for a centerpiece at your next dinner party. These handmade napkin rings featuring silky orchids, zinnias, peonies and hydrangeas are even more luxurious wrapped around line napkins in a bouquet of shades.

Cheap, cheerful and totally charming, these 20-ounce porcelain teapots decorated with daisies and available in six colors just might get you off coffee.

Say so long to droopy floral arrangements. The brilliant company Flower Muse ships directly from farms across the world, delivering fresh-cut blooms (tulips, orchids, roses and dozens more) quicker than most flower shops and at wholesale prices. Just add a vase and you're set.