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A Breathtaking Sunset ... Moth // love these colors

Closeup - wing scales of the Madagascan Sunset Moth (Chrysiridia rhipheus). Iridescent parts of the wings making it so beautiful, actually do not contain any pigment, the colors originate from optical interference


Golden Sun Rays, Schwarzwald, Germany — I have been in the Black Forest, but what a gorgeous photograph!

butterflies <3

Butterfly: Enjoy the beauty of the richness of colors, and the precision of wing-pattern-design

♥ Six-spot Burnet Moths (Zygaena filipendulae) by BeckyRobyn

Nature in its simplest form! ♥ Six-spot Burnet Moths (Zygaena filipendulae) by BeckyRobyn

Photography inspiration

Photography inspiration

Entomology: What is the prettiest insect or arachnid? - Quora

Comet moth or Madagascar moon moth, Argema mittrei by Roeselien Raimond©. The Comet moth or Madagascan moon moth is an African moth, native to the rain forests of Madagascar

Psychca Moth (not real name) There is an entire board devoted to cool moths. This was repinned from "What The?"

Rosy maple moth - The Rosy Maple Moth (Dryocampa rubicunda) is a North American moth in the Saturniidae family. Sometimes these moths become pests on maple trees.