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  • Annie P

    How badly do you want to be healthy?

  • Ebony Walton El

    Is it weird that I had NO problem reading this? lol I'll try making this my new daily routine!!

  • Stefani V

    this is nice and all, but i already get up at 5 without a morning workout. and i can't bring myself to get up any earlier. 5 is already the asscrack of dawn, y'all!

  • Jen Leanne Gollub

    Saturday morning routine?

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Dear Society, This is how I feel about most of you. Call me harsh if you want. But if you won't take initiative for yourself, I will not feel bad for you when you are in poor health because of your self-inflicted laziness. Regards, I'm the only one responsible for me

repinning from 4 weeks ago because I am at 8 weeks new deal and I actually believe this could be unfolding...will let you know at 12~

Stop with all the envy and judgement. Be the best YOU can the end you're all you have left....don't you want to be STRONG? :)

Don't think. Just lace up your shoes and go.

Found this on an inspirational website with lots of exercises, daily tips and motivation to pin rolandbrady00

yes! i've been doing this! waiiiiting for results! (i read that i would have to eat something like 4000 calories a day to mantain my current weight?... i DEF do not, and never have done that! and i work out like a fool! what the hell!)

Back on Pointe Workout Calendar: you have four calendars to choose from: the basic calendar like you’ve seen every month, a student calendar that asks you to work more on the weekends when you don’t have class, a beginner calendar that follows a 4 days on/1 day off program, and an extreme calendar that adds in HIIT for a more intense workout.

It's almost time to re claim my body, this will be a good reminder for me when it's GO time.

So, when I finally start Insanity back, this is what I will have to tell myself as I'm dying...

Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. #quote