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    •Can=habilidade Eu sei como se faz isso Eu estou apto a fazer isso I can speak English. I can't speak English Can you speak English? •Can=possibilidade Isto é possível Existe uma oportunidade para isso The boss can see you next friday I can't buy a house yet Can you buy a chocolate at the supermarket? •Can=permissao Se você tem permissão pra fazer isso.Tudo bem se eu fizer isso? Exemplo: You can have a sweet after lunch You can't go to the movies today Can I go to the party?

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    learn to see yourself in a body positive way :)

    I really need to work on my posture!

    Couldn't have said it better!


    Ben's Garden 'You're Never Too Old' Trinket Tray available at #Nordstrom

    I'm pro running and anti-"dieting". Obviously make healthy choices with eating but I believe you can have that cake and ice cream, just put in some work. There is always time, being healthy and losing weight should not be "easy". Love this chart... Diets can't do all this...

    Some days this is my mantra.

    remember this

    I want to #think again of #dangerous and #noble things. I want to be #light and #frolicsome. I want to be #improbable, #beautiful, and #afraid of nothing as though I had #wings. #MaryOliver

    The best six doctors anywhere and no one deny it are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet. ~Wayne Fields



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    there it is.

    Move it.