Sounds like loads of fun, anyone up for it

Twister with colored shaving cream. sooo.. this is happening...

im doing this this summer

Fun? I think yes!

This sounds really interesting!

Water balloon slip and slide! Omg how much fun would this be!

100 Fun Things To Do This Summer (Printable Bucket List!)


Colorful slime fun for kids....

before i die

sounds good to me! :)

Bucket List

fun fun fun

Glow sticks + Swimming pool. Such a cool idea for a pool party. Or put them on your wrists and ankles and go for a swim or play Brittish Bulldogs. SO fun.

sounds like fun to me!

Pay for a stranger

oooooo sounds fun

Check! Brittney (Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are people to have fun with! - SATC)

so fun!

Summer bucket list