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  • Tammy Prater Reardon

    Farm Cats, milking cows, and my dad (not my real cats,cows, or dad... Just a replica photo!)

  • Sonia LeLo

    Funny Animals scraps for orkut, Funny Animals Pictures, funny pics for orkut, myspace, facebook

  • Josh Power

    In 1954, LIFE photographer Nat Farbman made a series of pictures of enterprising felines on Art Badertscher’s dairy farm; one of Badertscher’s cats, Squirrley, rose up on her hind legs one day for a squirt of milk right from a cow’s udder — and ever since then, the farmer had been training all of the farm’s cats to do the same. Brownie (Squirrley’s son) makes a perfect catch while Blackie, a stray that “just wandered in one day and joined the act,” waits his turn.

  • Jane { memake | typescale }

    Udder Bliss: One Cow, Three Cats and Some (Very) Fresh Milk | Nat Farbman - Time Life Pictures

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