really like this!!

White ink butterfly tattoo

Shoulder White Ink Rose Tattoo

Mother's Love hearts for my two daughters. Infinity for my husband. Cross for God and His blessings in my life! If I ever got a tattoo, it would be a white one like this......

Heart tattoo ideas

.Love the way font looks in white ink, believe in yourself and good things will happen !!!

I love white tattoos

I really hate white ink tattoos because I think they look like burns, but this is kind of cool.

Heart..So simple and cute..... i really like this .. just might have to get it! :)

White Ink Heart Tattoo - 60+ Ideas for White Ink Tattoos <3 <3

White ink tatoos

Not this but definitely like the idea of white tattoo!!!

White ink tattoos!

Family tree tattoo. Love this idea!

white ink tattoo

White Tattoos On Pale Skin | Few Things You Should Know About White Ink Tattoos


Another flawless henna sheet designed by Tamanna Roashan, AKA @DressYourFace! And this time, in WHITE! This set features intricate traditional henna designs whi

love but in white ink