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  • Elyse Marie


  • Morgan Biggs

    Awww I miss Heath Ledger! Great movie :)

  • Kelsey Canfield

    Love this movie! Love both! However, Levitt isn't Robin. His name in Batman being Robin was a tribute to the sidekick. John Blake goes on to become Batman, since Bruce Wayne retired. So, really, Batman and the Joker went to high school together. Batman actually helped the Joker get the girl! (And vice versa.)

  • Bethany Leonhardt

    omg i forgot about this. heath ledger joseph gordon levitt in 10 things i hate about u

  • Meghan

    Joker & Robin true story

  • Rachel King

    Sticky Funny Pics « Rules in OP - Page 73 - Overclockers Australia Forums

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