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ez-Loo Solar

very creative! make a life size floor plan of your tiny house design in tape to see if the size would actually work for you...

A luxury tiny house on wheels in Portland, Oregon. Built by Tiny Heirloom. Pricing starts at $75K. | Tiny Homes

The extreme350c is the same bad boy that powers the Tiny House Listings office! This tough little guy and a couple solar panels and you’ll have enough juice to run small appliances, a home computer, electrical devices, energy-efficient lighting and other small household-related electrical widgets. Plus, it looks pretty cool. | Tiny Homes

Vanities for small spaces.

wind ventilation using double roof that also provides protection from the sun. zero net energy building

Tiny house - To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at www.Facebook.com/TinyHousesAustralia or at www.TinyHousesAustralia.com

the aqus toilet system. it takes grey water from the sink and funnels it to the toilet tank, saving water like what.

Crazy small bathroom solution: corner sink, corner toilet

Joe Statwick's Thai style micro-bathroom addition - wood floor, smartly located TP roll!

toilet sink combo for small bathroom | also will pair it with this sliding door mirror cabinet also in ...

Solar (Photovoltaic) Roof Tiles

Top 5 Ways to Heat Water in a Tiny House. Love the black hose idea.

Cooke & Lewis Integrated Toilet WC and Hand Wash Basin Combo for Small Bathroom | eBay

A great, stylish way to recycle grey water.

Everyone Poops. Tiny House Toilet Options

30 Free Cabin Plans http://www.livinggreenandfrugally.com/30-free-cabin-plans/

composting toilet for cabin

Solar PV and Thermal System

This micro bathroom has a bath and toilet in just 1.2m x 3m. I might add a half curtain behind the toilet. | Tiny Homes