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  • EcoAmmo_Brandy

    $1079.00 EZ-LOO Composting Toilet Silent 12V fan and convenient drain system for any excess liquid Easily connect to existing solar panel and/or 12V battery (not inlcluded)

  • Doll Berrien Smith

    ez-Loo Solar Waterless Composting Toilet 12V

  • Haley Neal

    Ez loo for waterless Eco friendly toilets. This one maybe a winner for the tiny house!

  • Natalie Carrico

    ez-Loo Solar Waterless Toilet $979

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The Loveable Loo. Our toilet will be of the composting variety and loosely based on this model. A steady supply of sawdust and a five gallon bucket is all we need. Who wants to deal with a black water tank, anyhow?

How To Build a Solar Powered Off Grid Cabin for $2k or less.

The bifacial solar panels above the breezeway collect direct sunlight from above and reflected light from below.

The Toilet That Will Change the World! this is seriously the coolest toilet ever for an RV or a tiny house!!!! no water, no chemicals, no STINK, sooo neat

Twig toilet role holder. So Rustic.... suppose the kids would replace an empty roll?...

Easy Storage Ideas. Several good idea but I especially like this toilet paper "surround" shelving made from a shadow box frame. So smart!

A wet bath in Portland that is 3' x 3' - so only nine square feet - and yet includes a shower, toilet, and sink, with a high shelf for extra hand towels.

I see these types of pull out storage drawers often in kitchens but rarely in bathrooms. They're a great way to save space in a room where storage is at a premium.

The tiniest room in our tiny house has room for a porcelain toilet or a manufactured composting toilet (or a bucket & sawdust).

SolTech Energy: Nothing says "afterthought" like a rectangle of solar panels slapped onto the roof of a house with no visual relationship with the rest of the structure. Swedish company SolTech Energy brings solar in a different direction with their roofing tiles, made from ordinary glass in the shape of (gasp) ordinary roofing tiles. Why has no one thought of this sooner?