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    This guy is the definition of HOT...just saying;)

    Chris Evans...first really known as the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four movies but now more commonly known as Captain America.

    Meet Chris Evans, a friend of Chris Hemsworth's and Sam's. They all met on the set of The Avengers. He is a groomsmen.

    Chris Sexy... yes he changed his last name haha

    Chris Evans is one of the best people I know. He's talented, intelligent, very humble, and has a great view on life. Such a genuine guy. I wish the best for him

    Captain America? More like Captain of my Libido, let's be honest.

    Without facing the camera Chris Evans was still captured handsomely.

    Normally I'm not really into the hairy chest thing but on him I like it...A LOT

    Chris Evans - he's hot but I still see him as Jake Wiler from Not Another Teen Movie. I'll never take him completely seriously.

    Chris Evans is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. His body is nice, but I really love his expressive face and charming personality.