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  • Sophia Johnson

    Rage Comic Maker - Android Apps on Google Play

  • Kiku Honda~

    Rage Face | The “Me Gusta” Meme Face my favorite meme face

  • Los Excentricos

    lol humor funny #lol #humor #funny

  • Chris Peters

    We all have something we like to do that's really weird, but it gives us pleasure nonetheless. "Me Gusta" is Spanish for "I like it", and the Me Gusta character shows liking towards a large variety of weird things, usually in a sexually perverse context. #rageComic

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story of my life. i admit i have tried/liked things just bc it was trending but i like doing things different and out of the box. i'm used to being judged for doing things that aren't cool, but it totally KILLS me when a few months later everyone has hopped on it bc it's the new thing and no one ever remembers that you were doing it before. been there. done that. never fails. #mindblown

Hipster llama. Jade Alvarez Hull Marissa Hereso Pittman Hahahahahaha brother llama hahahaha

Edit: the Roving Typist (the young man in this photo) has written about this photo. Although I still love the photo because I've done this myself (:-)), I feel I need to share his story as well. Thus I changed the source to reveal the story behind it.

He's just got to 'alves of a coconut an' he's banging them together!

The Best Proposal Ever

Eric was the best part of Boy Meets World Lol my boyfriend & I always tell each other useless facts about each other just incase this ever happens

The Lasagna Gods Have Smiled Upon This Person

Teeth Comic Series

Sure. He's in a "class" in school. Remember that next time someone takes one of the cars. "It was for homework!" he claimed.