Matt Bomer! Yumm

Ok if they make Fifty Shades of Grey into a movie Matt Bomer would be my vote to play Christian Grey!

Love This Scene From White Collar.. So Funny!

Love This Scene From White Collar. So Funny! Neal and Peter are undercover so have to swap roles, when Neal takes his advantage and does the amzaing classic Quantico 2 finger point. I love neal!

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White Collar

The 10 Times You Fell In Love With Neal Caffrey From White Collar

White Collar- The "Hogwarts field trip" episode - Neal Caffrey and Mozzie play cupid. One of my favorite White Collar episodes

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Neal- how could you peter Peter- neal i neal- i expected more magnum pi and leas super Mario Diana- that's what you get for making hang with Caffery last night Neal-Supper Mario haha love White Collar <<< The horror on Peter's face!

White Collar. Neal and Mozzie :)

Neal and Mozzie :)<---been looking for this. hahaha reminds me of the Sherlock episode where Watson told Sherlock about "being all mysterious with your cheekbones.


Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey - White Collar and Christian Grey - 50 Shades of Grey

Love Peters face. And I love that Neal says these things because he KNOWS Peter is listening but unable to retaliate. <3

White collar quotes<<Well, he kinda did, Peter--it's not like you REALLY made that a stealthy trap or anything. He just really wanted to see Kate.