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  • Wicked Group

    Pick-up sticks blast from the past

  • Smileen Dory

    VINTAGE CAN PICK UP STICKS 1960'S - LIDO TOY CORP.-NOS simple toys that's what we were about, low maintenance kidda kids! Today kid are about, "I'm board!" and yet they have 900 channels, 25 video games, 50 dvd's and plenty of other toys. Too bad they don't know the benefit of a simple puzzle or set of sticks to pick up!

  • Leyla Lowery

    :) Pickup Sticks. I was good at this game.

  • Caty Hespel

    Pick-up sticks - Childhood memories

  • Raven Earlywine

    My favorite game as a kid to play with my dad!!!

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