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Take a picture of the first and last day of school to see how much they change over the year! This is so Cute!

My daughter's 1st year of school PreK3 1997 and her senior year 2012. Hopefully I can remember to take her college graduation photo holding this photo.-- What a great idea! Repinning to do with the girls.

Do this every year until graduation

A sweet way to actually use your ultrasound pictures

Really like this idea!

kids box by grade. Love it!! keep a few special papers and chuck the rest.

first/last day of school pictures

Footprints - a gorgeous way to track your baby's growth in the first year

Sweet... Early Graduation Gift For Baby ~ Do it at the end of each school year starting with kindergarten.

Little Boy Busy Board | Must make!

Take a picture of the first and last day of school to see how much they change over the year.

Kid Temporary Tattoos. For trips to theme parks and such.

watch out for the woestmans: 1st Day of School Shirt Tutorial - Get a big shirt for the first day of preschool/kindergarten and get a picture in it every year until graduation!!

So cute. Picture within a picture of previous first days of school. As a military family it'll be neat for the kids to have pics of all of their front doors.

I AM SO DOING THIS! "Following my high school graduation ceremony my dad handed me a bag with a copy of Oh the Places You’ll Go, by Doctor Seuss inside. I open it up and on the first page I see a short paragraph written by none other than my kindergarten teacher. My dad tells me “Every year, for the past 13 years, since the day you started kindergarten I’ve gotten every teacher, coach, and principal to write a little something about you inside this book."

1 year old

Such a cute idea for Thank You cards

First day and last day of school.

calm down jar