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Totally doable! Here are 12 challenging yoga poses that will tone your tush, thighs, abs and upper body so you feel confident parading around the beach in a teeny bikini. Follow this sequence through on the right side and then repeat on the left.

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Yoga Poses for Neck Pain

Body pain could feel as though everything else takes a back seat. Pain and discomfort can take over, affecting life on a daily basis. One common area of the body that can injure easily or cause pain is the neck. With proper therapy and consultation with a doctor, that pain could subside.


Yoga Essential Flow

Beat stress and get happy with these mood-boosting yoga poses. A 16 minute essential flow to help you shake off any anxiety or frustration, and create a more stable sense of calm.

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Yoga Cards for Women

Bring mind and body back to theirnatural state of calm with this yoga sequence and get more at

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Yoga Sequence For Slimmer, Sculpted Inner Thighs

yoga sequences for slimmer thighs

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8 Stretches That Can Help Ease the Pain of Sciatica

yoga poses for back pain

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Yoga for a Flat Belly [VIDEO

This yoga sequence will help tighten your tummy- no crunches required!

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Build Strength and Flexibility: Yoga Sequence For Runners

Yoga sequence

great workout for firming the buttocks and toning the abs. Lie down on the floor on your belly, palms placed on the floor besides your chest. Lift your upper body up, chest off the floor. Bend backwards as much as you can. Look upwards. Remain steady for some time and release

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The 3 Body Types—And How They Affect Your Weight Loss

10 Yoga Poses for Health Problems